About PWH

This is PatchWork Hope (PWH)

We all struggle have trials and tribulations, relationship challenges. And it is in the struggle that counseling psychotherapy is helpful because you are not alone in your turmoil. My role is one of service to accompany you along your healing path to ask questions to unlock your innate wisdom, to provide psychoeducational scaffolding to enhance your understanding of concepts, therapy methods, and anticipated treatment outcomes. We will work in collaboration to encourage and empower you to develop skills and coping techniques to improve your mental health toward a healthier and balanced well-being.

The Vision for this work is to offer a psychotherapy practice based in Winslow, Arizona to HELP people heal and recover from emotional disturbances and traumatic events. To SUPPORT their hope that their situation can improve and anticipate a different future.


Patchwork Hope, LLC provides accessible quality evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions to help individuals, families and couples cope with life’s challenges and transitions that they may live healthier balanced lives.

Clinical Philosophy and Framework:

I believe each individual brings the capability and value for creative thinking and confident decision-making for charting their life’s trajectory. When the innate wisdom for growth and connecting with others are supported and cultivated, transformation becomes evident. We are born for relationships, connection, belonging. Life is strong. When working with me, mental and emotional disorders are treated to promote improved mental health using evidence-based attachment therapies. While ~Piecing Hope Together~ PatchWork Hope services cultivate and support to Reconnect relationships, Renew wellness, and Restore Hope. Counseling helps you understand the significance of your History and how that impacts the Present and influences your Motivations, Goals, and Purpose.

Interventions, the therapeutic framework, are Attachment, cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Biblical Principals. The frameworks serve as a map to lend a sense of direction and formulate counseling goals and anticipated outcomes.


Sessions are 50 minutes for individuals and 75 minutes for couples or families. Cost are per session: $100/individual - 150/ couple or family.

I accept some insurances. And I am a non-participating provider accepting the assigned Medicare rate.